Main Services

Topic Selection

Effective research begins with the selection of an appropriate topic and also is something which is developed according to your research. Topic selection is the first step for proposing a research study. Researchers need to narrow down a broad area of their research field in order to select a topic. When they are confused about choosing the right topics for their studies, THESIS PhD comes to their help. We understand several personal, academic, and career-related preferences of students before helping them finalized a suitable topic for their research.

Proposal Writing

It is an outline for your entire study. The structure of a proposal usually includes the introduction to your research problem, literature review, research methodology, Cauterization plan, limitations, and references. THESIS PhD helps you to outline these research scope, limitations and theoretical foundation

Complete Phd Thesis Writing

Writing the thesis is a process which has to be completed while doing the research. Thesis PhD helps you with reference writing and help with developmental editing of your work so that language does not become a barrier in your completing your thesis

Complete Master Dissertation Writing

Writing dissertation is not an easy task to deal with for any student at higher echelons of academics. The process of Full Dissertation Research goes from the development of Conceptual or theoretical framework to Conclusion and Recommendations and support till you get a Ph.D. degree. We assist you at all the stages: either its dissertation topic selection or research proposal help for the topic that you have decided to research on or to develop the dissertation content.

Chapertization/Individual Chapter Writing

Our services are cost-effective but, it don’t have any effect on the quality of work. We provide you original and relevant content. We work in a systemized way on your project according to your project needs. There are 5 chapters that are included in thesis chapter introduction, Literature Review, Research methodology, Discussion and Conclusion. Normal length is 100-150 pages, however it could go till 250-300 pages according to the requirement. Any changes can be done according to the university guidelines

Discussion/Conclusion Writing

If you are facing difficulties in writing ,Whether are you looking to narrowing or clarifying the problems And or Finding hard to point out the research gap our THESIS Ph.D. assistance expert would help in successfully finalize your thoughts, & ideas through team discussion and made you to get conclude with good finalized content.

Coding & Implementation

THESIS PhD assist PhD candidates for developing algorithm, implementation plan, selecting base paper(s) and formulating a formal problem statement. We assist candidates from the field of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science for software implementation of their research projects.

Data Collection & Analysis

THESIS PhD offers specialized services for primary research and the collection of data. We assist in the collection of reliable and valid data; we conduct data collection in terms of both pilot study and main study, which would help the researcher to overcome any discrepancies. Apart, Ph.D. Assistance also helps in the data management process including data cleaning and management to facilitate data analysis

ManuScript/Research Paper Writing

We are committed to providing excellent manuscript development in writing service as per your requirement. Our team experts having equipped with all the relevant sources and their understanding of the need of journal manuscript is worth seeking their help.

Course Work/Assignment Writing

THESIS PhD manage to complete assignments as per the expectations of your university, due to the professional work of our experienced staff. Our in-depth knowledge of the research subject, meticulous planning, organizing and presentation Skills, 100% client commitment has always been handy in completing all our student’s research projects well ahead of the deadline

Report Writing

Various stages involved in the Ph.D. Report writing process from designing the report contents to the completion of the report work writing with proper documents for your evaluator’s verification. We assist you in thesis interim report work in any area of your research interest and we guarantee you to deliver a high-quality thesis interim report well within your deadline

Plagiarism Checking & Correction

Plagiarism is an act of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author without authorization and the representation of that author’s work as their own work. Additionally, Plagiarism Checker identifies the instance of piracy inside a document such as scientific papers and source code. Computer-assisted Plagiarism detection allows vast collections of documents to compare each other, for making successful detection much more likely. Thesis PhD is to check your paper, documentation and assignments for plagiarism and grammar. Its help to improve your paper quality.

Technical Editing

At THESIS PhD Rese, we offer PhD thesis editing services for all the students who may need help with the detailed review of their content. Our trained editors have the native command on the language and knowledge of all professional style guides. They can check your documents for every single error, as well as help you get rid of factual mistakes. Our editing support helps students dispense with these important issues and make their projects perfect from all angles

Language Editing & Formatting

There are many aspects of a deserving thesis that go beyond the documentation stage. It is deemed extremely important to be well versed and articulate with the nuances of the language, including its correct usage and the right choice of words to make it logically sound. Furthermore, there is always the probability of overlooking errors, thus squandering the complete effort. So While editing your work, our professionals keep a watch on the coherence and integrity of your work. They also take care that the original meaning of your content is not altered while introducing some changes.

Rework (Complete/Part)

Our expertise has passion towards research and personal assistance as we always welcome scholar if any rework and we work closely with you for a very professional and quality output within your stipulated time frame. Our services cover vast areas, and we also support either part or entire research paper/service as per your requirement at anytime.